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  • Radio Interview with Tolling Jennings
  • Lynn Thompson, host and producer of Living on Purpose on CHLY Radio visited Tolling Jennings and his partner Kay Meyerbachtol on Lasqueti Island in April 2006 to record this conversation, and experience a Jin Shin Do session.
  • Internal & External Dragons
  • Volume VIII, Number 3 Earth 2003
  • Breech Baby Turns
  • Volume VIII, Number 2 Fire 2003
  • Double-Blind Research Paper on Acupressure
  • Volume VIII, Number 1 Wood 2003
  • Acupressure ‘good for back pain’ Acupressure is more effective in reducing lower back pain than standard physical therapies, a study by Researchers in Taiwan suggests. Article on BBC News.
  • A Glimpse Into Another World
  • Volume VI, Number 1 Wood 2001
  • Restorative Justice & Acupressure
  • Volume VII, Number 4 Water 2002
  • Dancing with the Danu Deck
  • Volume IX, Number 2 Fire 2004
  • Five Element Acupuncture Articles
  • (a) Treating Body, Mind and Spirit, Charles A. Moss
  • (b) Husband Wife Imbalance and Bipolar Disorder: A Case Report, Charles A Moss
  • (c) A Powerful Intervention For Dying Well, Ronald Puhky
  • Body Mind East Articles
  • Acupressure Institute Articles
  • Alternative Mental Health Articles
  • Jin Shin Do Foundation Articles

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